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av无码迅雷磁力链接 Set in an unspecified French village, the locals are shocked when a group of girls skinny dipping in the nearby lake (all very tastefully done I hasten to add) are killed by a group of zombiefied Nazi soldiers, that spring up out of the waters and drag them down to their demise.A couple of detectives are brought in to try and solve the mysterious murders, only to end up as the zombies next victims. It turns out that during the warav无码, the French resistance ambushed and killed a squad of German soldiers and dumped the bodies into the nearby lake, but failed to take notice of any of the local superstitions (never a wise move). Although, seeing as this film appears to be set in the early 80s, why its taken so long for them to emerge and start killing people is a bit of a mystery, but there you go.Not-with-standing, the villagers quickly organise a lynch mob to take down the zombie menace, only to end up being av无码decimated by the undead soldiers, whos convincing zombie make-up basically consists of green paint, which doesnt even cover the whole of the actors faces and keeps washing off in the lake.Theres also a bizarre sub plot about one of the zombies visiting his former daughter, who strangely still looks all of 12 despite the fact she should be in h磁力er 40s if she was born near the end of the war, but then since when did logic ever come into these films? Such as why do their uniforms still look almost new despite being underwater for 40 years, or how come the skinny dipping girls are only knee deep in the water when viewed from the lakeside, yet appear to be swimming in 12 feet of it from the underwater shots?Bad acting, naff zombie make-up (the aforementioned green faceav无码 paint), painfully obvious underwater shots filmed in a swimming pool, not to mention the plot inconsistencies bigger than the aforementioned lake itself. Low budget doesnt even begin to describe this film, which quite unbelievably was directed by respected Eurohorror director Jean Rollin, albeit under the pseudo name J A Laser.Thats not to say the film isnt without merit. I bust a gut l迅雷aughing at the thoroughly ridiculous scenes of the zombies attacking the naked young girl链接s, and the equally ridiculous slapstick battle with the angry villagers. Utterly hilarious, 迅雷grab the six pack and the popcorn and have a blast!



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